How it works…

You are a professional broadcaster with amazing content and would like to reach your audience in the family room via Roku, but need some help getting started.  Here’s how it works.

STEP 1:  The first step is choosing a Roku channel development partner, such as uCasters X STREAM TV, who will create and launch your channel in the Roku Channel Store. uCasters X STREAM TV has been creating Roku channels for many years and has an extensive in-house team of designers, developers, producers and marketers to help you every step of the way.

STEP 2:  Your video content is key to your success, but where you host and manage that video content is just as critical. uCasters X STREAM TV, is an online video platform that is specifically created to allow complete control over your Roku channel.  Adding videos, creating categories, promoting with banners, setting video pre-rolls and much more done at the snap of our finger tips.

STEP 3:  Now that your channel is LIVE in the Roku channel store, it’s time to promote it and make sure your target audience knows about it. uCasters X STREAM TV has a staff of online marketers with many years of experience to drive engagement through all digital avenues.  We have the tools and the staff to help you track, report and monetize your video content.

Your Channel on Roku for as little as $2,500.

Let’s make this simple. We take care of the technicals so you can focus on reaching your audience with your beautiful, compelling, engaging, inspiring and entertaining video content.

Upload, publish and monetize your video content on Roku, America’s favorite streaming player.

  • REAL TIME UPDATES   Whether it’s LIVE, 24/7 linear playout or video-on-demand, updating your Roku channel is easy with our management software.
  • TRACK AND MONETIZE  Track your viewers and monetize with pay-per-view, subscription or ads. Even adding your own pre-roll video ad is a breeze.
  • MULTI SCREEN DELIVER  Deliver your content into millions of family rooms across the world (and to smartphones, tablets & computers as well).
  • RELIABLE SERVICE  Our global content delivery network & management software is reliable with 99.9% uptime. Our staff is quick to help.

Our commitment to you…

(365/7/24) 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day… your video content and Roku channel will be available for people to watch.  Our mission is to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Our customer service is outstanding. If you have questions or difficulties, our staff truly focuses on fast response time and effective help.  We believe in a hands on approach, because we ourselves find that is too often missing in the technology world.

Rather than set it and forget it, we stay actively involved in providing you reliable service for your Roku channel, from day 1 to 10,001 and beyond.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today by phone (888.995.1522) or submit the form on our contact page.  We promise to guide you in the direction that is best for you.