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completely undiscovered


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earn 77% of the revenue


Music is made to be heard.

Musicians are artists who put their heart and soul into creating great music. However, once it’s created, they often have limited resources to bring it to market. When they do, they face the challenge of actually getting their music heard.

Easy distribution allows any artist to get their music into streaming services. But if you’re one of 30 millions songs and no one knows about you, how do you get your music heard?

The power of radio hasn’t changed. But the way people listen to it has.

Radio has always been king when it comes to breaking a new artist or getting exposure. The reason for this is that it’s a great place to reach a mass audience and is also the one time that people give up control over the music they are listening to, making it extremely powerful for music discovery. Most artists, however, will never be able to get their music played on terrestrial radio.

The power of radio hasn’t changed, but the way people listen to the radio has. Now that people are transitioning into streaming services, it opens up a powerfully new platform to reach listeners.

Music lives in streaming services. Open them up to all artists for promotion.

Streaming services are where fans consume music and where music lives. It is the future of where recorded music revenue will come from. But artists are forced to promote their music outside of the streaming services, often turning to digital ad platforms that are not built for music, don’t guarantee exposure, and are very expensive.

The best way to promote a song is to play it to people.

The best way to promote a song is to play it to people and the best place to promote a song is where people listen to it. Music is not a product with a value that can be explained. Music is emotional and the value of music needs to be experienced by people.

Artists deserve transparency.

Information is the basis for all decisions and it’s difficult for artists to get meaningful data into their listeners. We want to provide artists with real insight into their audience and how people genuinely respond to their music. We believe that understanding your audience allows you to make better decisions about how to further develop and market your music.

The money for music must come from fans.

We created uCasters X STREAM Radio to give artists the best way to promote their music. We noticed that many artists still have little to no marketing budget to promote their songs. We wanted to provide a solution to these artists as well. We realized that at the end of the day, the money for music needs to come from fans. In a world that every song is at your fingertips, fans now choose to support and pay for the music they love in new ways. We decided to create something that fits the way consumers behave rather than the way we want them to behave.