What does it cost me?

We are constantly enhancing our service so we can serve more and more filmmakers for less and less money.

uCasters X STREAM TV

Interested in selling your film on uCasteres XSTREAM TV? We’ve got you covered. If you are delivering just one standard definition (SD) film to us there is a one-time charge of $1,500, which covers all the encoding, chapter breaking, tagging, and general care-taking. Placement in the uCasters X STREAM TV Store usually takes (2-4 weeks).

For high definition (HD) delivery, the charge is $1,800.

For short film delivery, the charge is $895.

The first year’s service fee is included in the submission fee. After that, there is a flat annual fee of $225 per film.



There are no charges for the shipping to our office. However, if the files fail the Q/C and a new asset is needed, the filmmaker will be charged for shipping the asset back to the appropriate party, in case a prepaid FedEx number has not been provided. This amount can be paid via our custom invoice link.