The uCasters X STREAM (Radio & TV’s) team is composed of passionate people with years of experience in music, business and technology. We love what we do and we do what we love.

uCasters X STREAM (Radio & TV) was founded by Adam Mitchell. He has a love for film and music with strong backgrounds in content delivery, development, databases, and sophisticated streaming technology.

uCasters X STREAM (Radio & TV) is a brand new LIVE STREAMING SERVICE with our focus being on a few things that we feel are missing in the world of streaming audio and video. First thing we feel there is a lack of are platforms that feature more independent and unsigned artists. Let’s face it, the mainstream artists have their platforms why shouldn’t the little guys? This is where we step in and step up for the independent artists, producers, filmmakers and more. Not only do we work hard at providing a platform for the independent and unsigned we also help promote local businesses that may not be able to afford the high cost of advertising on AM/FM or even television.

uCasters X STREAM (Radio & TV)

We created uCasters XSTREAM (Radio & TV) because we believe that every content provider (audio and video) artist deserves to have their reach it’s targeted market.

While experiencing how the film and music industry is changing and the struggles that content providers and artists go through, we set out to create something special that harmonizes with how content is experienced today.

Adam Mitchell, CEO of the parent company NEGUS Communications and creator/developer of uCasters X STREAM (Radio & TV) wanted to create a method of allowing end-users to connect directly with their favorite video content and request the music they wanted to hear.  Adam, knew that streaming services are the future of where people will consume the most video content and music. He took on this project with no investors and 100% of his own money. Years later, he is still managing the company out of Indiana and couldn’t be happier doing what he love to do.

After experiencing many of the common challenges that streaming services face and realizing that many content providers, and recording artists struggle with getting their music heard, he decided that he needed to help independent artists and content providers a way to promote music within their own streaming service. Then he had an “aha moment” and asked himself, “Why stop there? Why don’t artists and content providers have access to promote their music inside of streaming services in the first place? We can help content providers get their music, films and videos heard and seen through one convenient and powerful website.

uCasters X STREAM’s (Radio & TV) platform was created with these simple principles:

  • Every artist and content owner should have fair access to airplay in front of the right audience
  • Content owners with great video content deserves to be seen and discovered
  • Content owners should be able to make a living off of their music
  • As we continue to build uCasters X STREAM’s (Radio & TV) platforms, we are committed to working together with content providers to develop our vision based on their needs.

Our Technology

uCasters X STREAM’s (Radio & TV) best in class technology is the result of 3 years of development by Adam Mitchell, who in all rights an expert who specialize in all sorts of streaming platforms as well as big data analytics, content discovery and content delivery.

Our Team

Not only do we provide some of the best, if not the best streaming service… uCasters X STREAM also provides dependable, top quality LIVE Streaming events worldwide. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, and will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.